• Political Earthquake Shocks Washington Establishment

    GOA-backed candidate defeats House Majority Leader (Tuesday, June 10, 2014)  Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, went down in a stunning defeat to GOA-supported David Brat. Cantor, who represents Virginia's 7th District, vastly outspent Brat, an economics professor at Virginia's Randolph-Macon College. On Monday evening, Gun Owners of America blanketed the district with phone calls to registered voters, hitting Cantor for his recent vote to expand gun control and noting Read More
  • Meet Ben Sasse

    Congratulations to Ben Sasse on his Republican primary victory on Tuesday!  Let's help Ben finish the job, go to www.sassefornebraska.com for more info.   Read More
  • Meet Ken Buck

    Ken Buck for House in Colorado   Gun Owners of America doesn't look for candidates who will merely vote right, but do nothing else. We look for strong leadership qualities and willingness to stand up to the powerful elite in Washington D.C. Ken Buck is that type of person. His leadership as Weld County D.A. has helped reduce their crime rate by 50%.    Read More
  • Meet Rob Maness

    Rob Maness for Senate in Louisiana Rob Maness has a lifetime history of leadership and an unwavering dedication to protect the United States Constitution. He has answered the GOA questionnaire 100% correct, and we expect he will join other leaders in the Senate such as Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to take our nation back from the likes of ultra-liberal anti-gunners like Harry Reid and Mary Landrieu. Read More
  • Meet Jody Hice

    Victory for the Second Amendment in GA-10 Dr. Jody Hice in July Runoff Read More
  • Meet Alex Mooney

    Congratulations to Alex Mooney on his Republican primary victory! Let's help Alex finish the job, go to http://mooneyforcongress.com for more info. Read More
  • Meet Steve Daines

    Steve Daines for Senate in Montana Steve Daines has been a vocal leader for protecting the Second Amendment from the first day he was elected to Congress in 2012.  Read More
  • Meet Steve Knight

    Steve Knight for Congress in California 25 Steve Knight understands that the Second Amendment isn’t ultimately about hunting and sport shooting, but it is about your God given right to bear arms in defense against any form of tyranny. Read More
  • Rod Blum for Congress in Iowa

    Gun Owners of America Endorses Rob Blum for Congress Dear Friend of the Second Amendment, Gun Owners of America Political Victory is proud to endorse Rod Blum in this November’s General Election in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Rod is a successful small businessman, leader, husband, father, and proud firearms owner. Rod is not a career politician, but he decided to run for Congress in Iowa in order to restore and protect our individual liberty, rein Read More

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is a project of Gun Owners of America, and is dedicated to finding and supporting the absolute best pro-gun candidates across the country. 

Our mission is to defend and restore the Second Amendment with a no-compromise attitude, and to find men and women who will do the same while serving in public office.