• Mike Crane

    Mike Crane

    Elect Pro Gun Leader Mike Crane 

    Gun owners have an opportunity to elect pro-gun leader Mike Crane to the House of Representatives on July 26th.

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  • Mary Thomas

    Mary Thomas

    Protect the Second Amendment, Elect Mary Thomas 

    Gun owners in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District have a rare opportunity this August 30th.

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  • Darryl Glenn

    Darryl Glenn

    Give Anti-Gun Senator the Boot; Support Darryl Glenn

    The Darryl Glenn for Senate campaign has momentum. He just won the primary where he was outnumbered and outspent. GOA is proud to endorse Glenn.

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  • Rand Paul

    Rand Paul

    Standing firm in the U.S. Senate

    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stands up for gun owners every time Obama and his allies issue an attack on our Second Amendment rights.

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  • Jim Banks

    Jim Banks

    Support Jim Banks for Congress

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Jim Banks for Congress in Indiana's 3rd District.

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  • Kelli Ward

    Kelli Ward

    Support Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate

    Breaking: Senator John McCain in Trouble as Kelli Ward Surges -- You may find this hard to believe, but Senator John McCain is in trouble.

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  • Steve King

    Steve King

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund Endorses Steve King

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to once again endorse Representative Steve King for reelection in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District....

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  • Ken Buck

    Ken Buck

    GOA’s Political Victory Fund Endorses Ken Buck for the U.S. House in Colorado

    Gun Owners of America's Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Rep. Ken Buck for the United States House of Representatives in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District..

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  • Scott Jones

    Scott Jones

    Support a True Second Amendment Champion, Sheriff Scott Jones for Congress

    GOA is proud to endorse Scott Jones for Congress in California's 7th District.

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  • Andy Harris

    Andy Harris

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is Proud to Stand With Rep. Harris

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to once again endorse Representative Andy Harris for reelection in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District...

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  • Alex Mooney

    Alex Mooney

    GOA supports pro-gun champion in West Virginia

    Rep. Alex Mooney has spent his career defending constitutional freedoms, and he continues to stand up for gun owners in the U.S. Congress.

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  • Rod Blum

    Rod Blum

    Gun Owners of America Endorses Rob Blum for Congress

    Gun Owners of America Political Victory is proud to endorse Rod Blum in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Rod is a successful small businessman, leader, husband, father, and proud firearms owner...

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  • David Brat

    David Brat

    GOA-backed Congressman Standing up for Gun Rights in U.S. House

    Eric Cantor, the Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, went down in a stunning defeat to GOA-supported David Brat. Cantor, who represents Virginia's 7th District...

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  • Louie Gohmert

    Louie Gohmert

    Leader for the Second Amendment

    No elected official works harder to protect your gun rights than Rep. Gohmert. And I’m not talking about words alone...

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has a consistent and powerful pro-gun record fighting for your 2nd Amendment rights:

> He has sponsored, co-sponsored and fought to bring to the Senate floor pro-gun legislation.

> He sponsored the Service members Self-Defense Act to overturn Bill Clinton’s gun ban on military bases.

> He sponsored amendments to shut down Obama’s “Operation Choke Point” scheme to shut down legal gun sellers.

> He sponsored amendments to protect law-abiding gun owners from unconstitutional government surveillance.

> He sponsored the Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act, automatically nullifying Obama’s anti-gun executive actions.

> He sponsored the Arm All Pilots Act to protect airline passengers from terrorists.

> He took on GOP leadership for selling your rights as political bargaining chips.

> He is leading the fight in the Senate to kill the confirmation of Obama’s anti-gun judges.

> He is leading the fight in the Senate to kill Obama’s plan to kill gun rights through the United Nations' Arms Trade Treaty.

Every time your rights have been in danger, Senator Rand Paul has stepped in to fight for you.

That’s why the anti-gun political machine, and the D.C. establishment, has targeted him for defeat.

They’re hoping to use the massive presidential year election turnout to deliver enough votes to beat him.

We must fight back twice as hard.

Click here to help reelect Senator Rand Paul.



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