Stop Obama's Gun Grab, Elect Pat Mooney!!

Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund is honored to endorse Patrick Mooney in the race for Florida’s 6th Congressional District. 

If you're a registered voter ANYWHERE in the state of Florida, from ANY party, click here to fill out a petition that you can mail to Pat to ensure we have a 100% pro-Second Amendment candidate on the ballot.  The deadline to return the petition is May 23, so mail your in today.  

Mooney is a steadfast conservative who stands firm with the gun rights community. His commitment to protecting the Second Amendment is superb, and is one of the primary reasons Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund is “steadfast” in our endorsement of Patrick Mooney.

Candidates talk about protecting the Second Amendment while on the campaign trail, but falter when they get elected and are pressured by weak-kneed leaders. Patrick Mooney will never cave in to the intimidation of leadership or special-interest groups.

Gun Owners of America knows that Patrick Mooney will always stay true to his conservative principles. You can count on Mooney to advocate and fight for your gun rights and for Second Amendment priorities, including concealed carry legislation, removing the U.S. from the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty, and undoing President Obama’s harmful, anti-gun regulations.

For many years, Patrick Mooney has worked tirelessly to elect conservative stalwarts like Lt. Colonel Allen West and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

He continues to stand outside the stronghold of complacent bureaucracy by refusing to take his marching orders from the powerbrokers in Washington.

You can also click here to visit Pat online to chip $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can comfortably afford.  Every penny will go to electing a pro-gun champion.


Tim Macy
Chairman, Gun Owners of America

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