Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Jim Banks for Congress in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.  

No elected official works harder to protect your gun rights than Jim Banks.  And I’m not talking about words alone.

As a State Senator, Jim Banks sponsored more pro-gun legislation than any other candidate, including bills to protect your right to carry a concealed firearm and to block the federal government from enacting even more gun control on Hoosiers.

I’m sure you know that Barack Obama has unleashed a barrage of executive actions against your gun rights.  

Hillary Clinton vows to take it even further.

And while GOA is fighting tooth and nail to reverse Obama’s actions, we have precious few allies in the Congress.

Jim Banks is in the race to replace Rep. Marlin Stutzman in the U.S. House of Representatives, and he is equal to the task to take on Hillary if she ends up in the White House.

Too many politicians come to Washington and quickly become part of the D.C. establishment.  

I know Jim Banks is different.  He is a fighter with a proven record of standing up for the constitutional rights of the people of Indiana.

GOA is proud to make this endorsement, and to stand with Jim Banks for Congress.

We will send a clear message to Washington that our gun rights are not political bargaining chips.

So please take action to defend your gun rights today.

Volunteer for Jim Banks.  Donate to his campaign.  And most importantly, make sure you and all your friends vote in the May 3rd primary.

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