Electing Marlin Stutzman to the U.S. Senate would make Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the GOP Establishment miserable.

That's why Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Marlin for Senate in Indiana.

You see, now more than ever, your gun rights are in existential danger.

Barack Obama has waged an unprecedented war against gun rights, issuing a crushing tidal wave of executive actions that chip away at the Second Amendment, bit by bit.

It's a never-before-seen abuse of executive power.

And Hillary Clinton vows to take it even further.

Her goal is to end private gun ownership in the United States.

And she is willing do it.

But Marlin Stutzman has been there to fight back, every step of the way.

>   Rep. Stutzman immediately struck back and is leading the charge in the U.S. House to block the unconstitutional power grab by the president.

     His bill, the Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act, now has 76 cosponsors as Rep. Stutzman continues his effort to force the House leadership to bring the bill to a vote. 

>   Rep. Stutzman believes that your right to self-defense does not end at the state line, which led him to author a bill to recognize concealed carry permits across the nation. 

>   On Capitol Hill, Rep. Stutzman leads a Second Amendment task force made up of the most pro-gun members of the U.S. House. 

>   He has a perfect, 100% pro-gun voting record.

>   He took on GOP leadership for selling your rights as political bargaining chips, and helped force out John Boehner as House Speaker.

Every time your rights have been in danger, Congressman Stutzman has stepped in to fight for you.

And just as he fought for your gun rights against Nancy Pelosi in the House, he will stand up against Chuck Schumer and the gun grabbers in the Senate.

We are going to send a message to Hillary Clinton and the rest of the anti-gun crowd.

You don't touch our gun rights.  Never.  No compromise.

Take action to defend your gun rights today, vote for Marlin Stutzman for Senate.

That's how we defend our gun rights, and that's how we can save them for the next generation.


Tim Macy
Chairman, Gun Owners of America


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