Barack Obama has waged an unprecedented war against the Constitution, issuing a crushing tidal wave of executive actions that seek to repeal the Second Amendment, bit by bit.

It’s a never-before-seen abuse of executive power.

And Hillary Clinton vows to take it even further.

Her goal is to end private gun ownership in the United States.

And she is willing do it.

But Congressman Gohmert has been there to fight back, every step of the way.

No elected official works harder to protect your gun rights than Rep. Gohmert.  And I’m not talking about words alone.

Rep. Gohmert has a perfect, 100% pro-gun voting record.  

And he is also not afraid to take on leaders of his own party who are willing to cut deals that compromise your gun rights.  

No matter what the media, congressional leaders or the president say, Louie Gohmert stands behind his oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  

That’s why the anti-gun political machine, and the D.C. establishment, has targeted him for defeat.

They’re hoping to use the massive presidential year election turnout to deliver enough votes to beat him.

So please take action today to defend your gun rights.

Go to and support Louie Gohmert for congress.

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